Explore Kenya & Tanzania Parks with Rooftop Tent Vehicle


The two countries of Kenya and Tanzania submit almost everything anyone would prefer for an adventure in Africa. The two countries have about 40 parks and reserves, thus suggesting quite a lifetime wild moment which can’t be located anywhere else in the wild. There are great considerations to undertake when planning an adventure in these two countries.

A pairing of an adventure to these two countries is an incredible present for greater encounters among which are best oceanic white sand beaches, traditional and historical benefits, isolated land forms which ranging the Africa’s highest peaks, great adventure packages with the highlight of all wildlife adventures watching the dramatic wild show were thousands of Wildebeest cross from the plains of Serengeti to the Savannah of Masai Mara conservation areas.

An adventure duo of Kenya and Tanzania display a great point for outdoor camping and reflecting on wandering around with the rooftop tent vehicle can really suggest an incredible one. Accessing most of the remote parks and reserves in both countries calls for a stronger 4×4 safari Land Cruiser vehicle which same fleets perfect arrays for rooftop tent camping.

Taking a rooftop tent vehicle to explore means having a safari jeep that are customized for adventures in African. And there are quite a number of safari jeep range to choose from which best and fitting for your adventure consideration. Discover great wild ventures and have a night just on top of your safari vehicle, wake up in the early sun rising arrays.

Best Rooftop tent vehicle to use to explore Kenya and Tanzania

When planning for a sovereign adventure exploring in Africa, then must reflect on having a well safari customized vehicle to cruise around and avoid motor embarrassments. The vehicle assortments have a high bush clearance capability, stronger for all off roads and fit for the off the beaten path and path finding safaris.

Take a look through these a number of fleets which shoots your desired adventure consideration including which are majorly dominated by the Japan made Toyota land cruiser series of Prado Land cruiser standard (TZ/TX) these are best for economy travelers, such fleets available are customized for rooftop tent safaris. They are mainly comfortable for safaris in Kenya as roads in Tanzania’s parks and reserves are more wanting.

Other rooftop fleets available include land cruiser VX/V8 and GX model very perfect for one double rooftop tents. These fleets are very fitting for consideration for a drive through both countries, their capability to cruise through the hard terrain makes them win a slot among the best vehicle which can be used to explore the undoubtable beauty.

Then finally the land cruiser hardtop is a perfect consideration for the unrated all terrain cruiser. The land cruiser hardtop 70 series are perfect rooftop tent vehicles one can use to explore the beauty of Tanzania and Kenya. In the same accolades the Nissan patrol and Land Rover defender are other all off-road hulks, perfectly are recommended for luxury drives with wider rooftop tent which can accommodates two double rooftop tents.

Explore Kenya

Kenya is characterized with unrated rolling topography, to the highest land risings, a wider spread of the open Savannah which hosts the highest game parks and reserves in the country.

In things concerning the safaris Kenya beats any other African country. The wider spread of the Savannah offers an amazing outdoor rooftop tent camping experience.

Among the great adventure considerations in Kenya include migration river crossings of the wildebeest, flamingo birding experiences, beach tours, cultural safaris, hiking Africa’s 2nd highest peak the Mt. Kenya.  Developed infrastructure and tourism infrastructure when comparing Kenya, best fascinating attractions in Kenya are Amboseli, Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru.

Explore Tanzania

Tanzania has won accolades for quantity of wildlife, popularly known for the Serengeti Plain for the theatrical wildebeest migration show. The traditional Zanzibar archipelago, and the Mt. Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s highest mountain. Among the popular safaris here include the wildlife game drives which are popularly done in numerous game parks and reserves, wildebeest migration show, chimpanzee tracking, mountain climbing, cultural tours, voluminous sand beaches, birding, tree climbing lion tracking among many considerations.

Tanzania is branded with greater and colorful luxury lodges which as well offer finest positions for the outdoor camping. Infrastructural development in Tanzania is somehow lacking and roads leading to various tourist point/parks and reserves are surely rough and they only require a stronger customized safari vehicle. The rooftop tent vehicles have always played the best option to cruise throughout.




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