Car Rental

Tanzania is a biggest destination among the East African region and offering so many tourist places to visit. For tourists that visit the country on an escorted safaris always visit to the limited places. Therefore, tourists interested to visit more of the tourists places always rent private cars and experience self drive holidays at their own pace.

Though, this experience (self Drive) is becoming more popular in Africa. Tanzania safari operators have not highly embraced it to serve the tourists interested to go self drive Tanzania. But the tour operators from the neighbouring country (Uganda) have put emphasis on this service and by customizing various jeeps from Land Cruisers, Prado, VX, GX and V8 with the rooftop tent to road tripping tourists and today the routes starts from Uganda via borders of both countries or always vehicles are delivered to tourists in any point of start in Tanzania.

A Double Rooftop V8 Jeep Vehicle

A self-drive safari holiday through the Republic of Tanzania offers you the opportunity to explore the stunning landscape sceneries, wildlife animals in the park at the low pace and the cultures of the nearby local communities to the Tanzania’s parks.

Today various Car Rental companies like 4×4 Car Hire Uganda offers endless reliable 4×4 cars, that are very equipped based on your discussion with your travel expert. With the very reliable East African travel experts will help you build your own route across Tanzania or East Africa. The best route to go on if you are taking road tripping through East Africa, think about the trip across Lake Victoria.

East Africa is highly developing and modern cars are available and rent a fully equipped 4×4 in Arusha, Dodoma, Dar es Salaam or any other town of Tanzania. As said, before Tanzania safari companies do not embrace the car rental services and the Uganda car rental agencies have taken this opportunity to offer car rental services in East Africa.

Road Tripping Across East Africa

If you prefer to take an escorted safari we can offer you with a knowledgeable safari guide. Also, if you want to go camping or stay in some of the eco – lodge inside and the foot slopes of the park.

Self drive holidays and camping experience is also suitable to take your holiday in East Africa in private campsites or public campsites inside the parks. While in the public campsites you will get involved with other campers and these sites offers basic facilities and amenities.