Tanzania is a home of wildlife (Great wildebeest migration), Kilimanjaro trekking and exclusive holidays at the shores of water bodies in Zanzibar islands. Therefore, from the high number of the game parks, reserves and marine parks you can experience any African safari in Tanzania. Our safaris can be run either be by car or air using the daily scheduled flights from Arusha, Kilimanjaro Airport or Dar es Salaam Airport, Tanzania.

Among the safaris in Tanzania to experience every year can be arranged on time or last minute trips is possible as the country has got high number of lodges and camps in the safari game parks and reserves.

a) Great Wildebeest Migration – (Wildlife Safaris)

b) Balloon Safaris

c) Kilimanjaro Trekking Adventure

d) Walking & Cultural Safaris

e) Beaches & Inclusive Resorts Holidays

f) Photographic Safaris

Ground Safaris

Flying Safaris

Combined Safaris