Serengeti National Park

Indisputably Serengeti is Tanzania’s most famous national park evidenced by its largest number of visitors it records annually over the other parks.

The Park is located in the northern parts of the country and it extends further to Kenya – Masai Mara National Park, both Parks being the most formidable on the African continent. What makes these two parks more unique than other African national parks is their extraordinary and unusual event, the scintillating wildebeest migration.

The wildebeest migration in Serengeti

The wildebeest migration is a very fascinating annual event that only occurs in two national parks; Serengeti and Masai Mara National Parks, including almost 2 million wildebeests, over 500,000 Thomson’s gazelles, 250,000-plus Zebras, among very many antelope species like Topis, Coke’s Hartebeests and Elands, which wander in search of fresh pastures.

As already noted, this awe-inspiring spectacle of life occurs each year and in Serengeti it can best be experienced in April to July before the animals cross over to Kenya.

Though best known and popular in Serengeti to Masai Mara, the animals keep on wandering throughout the year to various corners of Serengeti, including in the famous Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Maswa Game Reserve, among other areas thus Tanzania being the most ideal place to be for this natural wonder.

Nevertheless, the wildebeest migration is at its peak in July to October when the animals cross the Mara River to access Kenya’s remarkable national park – Masai Mara.

For every tourist, the wildlife spectacle of the migration really offers a huge enhancement to what is already an overwhelming sight.

Other attractions in Serengeti

Besides the extraordinary view of wildebeest migration, there are very many other attractions in the Park that will really make your stay there so colorful and memorable.

Perhaps the most popular animals among tourists to Africa are the big five, which are; African elephants, Cape buffaloes, African lions, Rhinoceros, and African leopards, of which Serengeti resides them all and can be viewed all year round.

The other animals to spot in the Park also include; large concentrations of Hippos and Nile Crocodiles, Cheetahs, Masai Giraffes, Zebras, Warthogs, Impalas, Roan Antelopes, Water-bucks, Bush-bucks, Lesser Kudus, Fringe-eared oryx, dik-dik, Klipspringer, Spotted and Stripped Hyenas, two species of Jackals, African Golden Wolves, Honey Badgers, East African Wild Dogs, seven species of Mongooses, Serval Cats, Bat eared foxes, Ground Pangolins, Crested Porcupine, Cape Hares, and many others.

The Park is also a residence of various primate species such as Olive baboons, Vervet Monkeys, and Black and White Colobus, among others plus also protecting numerous bird species – over 500 species including the Masai Ostriches, Marabou Storks, Crowned Cranes, Secretary Birds, Kori Bustards, Southern Ground Hornbills, and many others. Basically Serengeti is the best African National Park for a typical African wildlife safari offering you unfading memories.

Activities in Serengeti

There are many activities to indulge in while in the mighty Serengeti National Park, some of which include; game drives and game viewing, sighting the wildebeest migration at Grumeti River, visiting the Masai Village and interact with one of Africa’s most colorful tribe – the Masai, experience a night game drive and spot some nocturnal creatures in the Park such as the Bat-eared foxes, aardvarks, nightjars, civets, and bush babies, birding safaris, visiting the Oldupai Gorge, experience the Serengeti hot air balloon safaris, explore of the Moru Kopjes, nature walks and horseback riding, among others.

Accessibility of Serengeti

Serengeti is positioned in a very remote area and the most convenient way to access it is to fly from Arusha to one of the seven airstrips in the Park. However, it can also be accessed by road, basically a 4X4 safari vehicle. Booking though your preferred tour agency, inform it to hire you a very nice safari vehicle of your choice, as the authorized tour agencies have various safari vehicle types to hire their clients and always an African wildlife safari is most enjoyable when you have a private vehicle simply because you will have independence and flexibility.

Entrance fee for Serengeti

As of November 2018, the entrance fees for Serengeti are US$ 60 per person aged 16 years and over, US$ 20 for a child aged 5 to 15 years, and entrance is gratuitous for children under 5 years of age.

Accommodations in Serengeti National Park

Since it attracts a large number of tourists annually, Serengeti National Park comprises of several accommodations, including lodges, hotels and camps. Most of the Park’s accommodations are positioned in appropriate locations to offer their guests with spectacular views of the wildebeest migration. Among the accommodations in the Park include;

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge is an award-winning gem of a hotel in one of the most beautiful settings in Tanzania, located near the Grumeti River in the heart of Serengeti National Park offering abundant opportunities for exhilarating adventures.

Seamlessly blended high into an acacia-lined ridge, this African-style lodge and its infinity pool offer stunning views across the Serengeti’s vast, endless grasslands, where lions and cheetahs stalk their prey and massive migrating wildebeest herds darken the landscape in a relentless search for fresh grazing grounds.

The facility comprises of 65 guest rooms and one suite housed in clusters of traditional domed “rondavels” arranged around the lodge’s stunning infinity pool.

Here, you will savor the ancient stillness and serenity of one of the most magnificent destinations on earth. Discover the warmth and coziness of stone-built, traditionally thatched “rondavel” lodging equipped with private balconies.

Dine under an indigo blanket of stars and enjoy unforgettable adventures and experiences ranging from private safaris and day trips to the prehistoric Ngorongoro Crater to Swahili lessons, guided nature walks and massage treatments.

The lodge has Wi-Fi, a gift shop, conference and business centre, wedding planning and honeymoon venue, scenic safari bar with timbered terrace, serene gardens, and a central barbeque area and you will also enjoy cultural dances and music at the lodge.

Serengeti Melia Lodge

Meliá Serengeti Lodge blends into its natural surroundings without relinquishing the services and facilities of a luxury hotel.

It possesses all the ingredients to satisfy your passion for travel and adventure; the perfect location in a national park, a comfortable design, and a unique atmosphere that will make you feel part of your surroundings.

A two-storey building that stands on a natural terrace offering beautiful views of the Serengeti and the romantic sunsets perfumed by the wide variety of flowering plants.

The magic of the African continent can be perceived in every corner of the lodge. There is a swimming pool, gym, spa and exquisite restaurants offering their very own interpretations of local dishes with international culinary influences.

The facility constitutes elegant rooms and suites inspired by local Masai traditions with colonial details and terraces that offer stunning views.

Serengeti Simba Lodge

Simba is a Swahili word which literally means a lion. The lodge was thus named after the lion —king of the jungle, a symbol of strength, pride and royalty. It sits high on a hill with endless vistas of the great Serengeti plains.

The lodge proudly welcomes you to explore, experience, and enjoy the African wilderness and the amazing Serengeti in comfort. The ‘Serengeti Migration’ passes by the lodge twice a year, around June-July and again in October when millions of ungulates make their annual trek through the Serengeti eco-system.

With stupendous panoramic views of the vast savannah, Serengeti Simba Lodge is home to prolific birdlife and a stunning array of large game including: lions, buffaloes, cheetahs, leopards, Masai giraffes, elephants, bush bucks, zebras, gazelles and hartebeests, among others.

Night game drives and performances by the Simba Dance Troupe will add to the experience of spectacular sunrise and sunset. At night listen to the trumpeting of elephant, the laughing hyenas and the roars of the lion – king of the jungle.

The common area of the lodge (reception, bar and dining) is built around a ‘kopje’ or rocky outcropping, providing an unusual and natural background for your enjoyment.

But the one thing everyone comments on is the eye-catching views of the Serengeti to be seen from every vantage point on Serengeti Simba Lodge’s grounds.

Serengeti Simba Lodge is committed to playing a role in improving the lives of the surrounding community, the people of the Ikoma tribe. In addition to providing vital employment opportunities, a bed night fee is paid to the local village council, which helps fund development projects.

To take note of; the lodge is not suitable for guests with ambulatory issues as there are quite a few stairs in the common area and the paths are a bit rough and in some places are steep. Fit elder people do fine but for the very old or disabled the lodge regrets as it’s unable to accommodate.

Kiota Camp

Firmly positioned on a hilltop, Kiota Camp offers a bird’s-eye view of the Seronera River Valley’s abundance. Kiota’s design and atmosphere are fabulous.

A bird known as Hand-painted lilac-breasted rollers decorate the bed covers and every side table holds an ornithology reference and a pair of binoculars. With only eleven tents, the camp maintains a quiet presence within the surrounding woodlands and grasslands.

The Seronera airstrip is only a twenty minutes’ drive away, and many of the most famous landscape features and game concentrations can be almost immediately accessed.

Everyone is unique, and the camp has organized its operations to service a wide variety of expectations. The management office is available to discuss any travelling nuances or special interests.

For guests travelling as a family, Kiota has family tents available. Kiota is very proud of its dining experience, thus expect the best. The menu is informed by the best of Swahili cuisine, with more familiar but equally delicious alternatives.

The camp’s chefs are trained to accommodate guests with dietary constraints. Furthermore, to supplement the experience, the camp is able to provide picnic-style meals.

Kirawira Serena Camp

Escape to the Africa of legend and myth with endless plains surrounding this luxury tented safari camp in the Serengeti.

Styled to replicate the elegant hunting camps of legendary hunters such as Denys Finch Hatton and Baron Bror Blixen, Kirawira Serena Camp welcomes you to a destination where unforgettable safari adventures are complemented by crisp, professional services and five-star amenities.

As the finest and most exclusive of the Serena Group’s safari venues, the camp offers an experience beyond compare surrounded by the majesty of Serengeti National Park’s famous Western Corridor.

To arrive here is to be transported back to the safari camps of the early 1900s. Arranged in classically Edwardian style, Kirawira Serena Camp features 25 beautifully appointed luxury tents with spectacular views of the plains.

It also includes elegant dining tents featuring Edwardian-styled dining furniture and staff attired in the classical Colonial ‘mess’ uniform of white Swahili robes.

In addition, there’s a central meeting tent evocatively furnished with a tasteful selection of chintz-covered chaise lounges, Persian rugs, antique escritoire, wind-up phonograms and leather-bound traveling cases.

One Nature Hotel Nyarusigwa Serengeti

One Nyaruswiga, Serengeti is an ultra-luxurious safari camp, perfectly situated at the heart of Central Nature Serengeti, surrounded by breath-taking views of endless plains and embraced by the majestic Nyaruswiga Hills.

This unique destination provides an incredibly rich diversity of resident wildlife and an almost surreal backdrop for the millions of migrating animals that pass through its plains year after year.

Harmoniously nestled into the pristine woodlands of the Nyaruswiga, overlooking the stunning open savannah, the facility’s ultra luxurious fourteen (14) safari tents offer a sensational connection with their surrounding breath-taking nature.

Propped up by poles made from solid African Eucalyptus wood, and capped with the most elegant brass crown befitting royalty, the upscale canvas tents were designed to incorporate luxury into an exciting African safari camping experience, using only eco-friendly material and FSC-certified hardwood.

All One Nature Nyaruswiga’s facilities and amenities perfectly combine high-end luxurious wellness with focus on the preservation of the surrounding environment.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

The lodge is perched deep in the heart of the world’s most celebrated wildlife reserves, where the Big Five – the lion, the leopard, the buffalo, the elephant and the rhinoceros run free on the endless, untamed landscape.

Perched on a series of elevated platforms and walkways, the lodge sits next to an animal watering hole, where you can watch a family of elephants stop for their morning drink as you sip your own out on your room’s private balcony.

Under the constant protection of local Maasai tribe people, you will be taken in the bush for an exhilarating game drive, or you can soar high in the sky on a hot-air balloon safari. However you spend your day, the Spa is waiting to help you rehydrate, restore and re-energize for your next adventure.

Seronera Wildlife Lodge

The vast and spectacular Serengeti is the epitome of most people’s vision of wild Africa; its endless rolling plains perfectly define the meaning of its name in the Maasai language – Seregenget or Siringiti, which literally refers to the place where the land moves on forever.

Seronera Wildlife Lodge prides itself with 75 spacious guestrooms, all of them affording spectacular views over the Serengeti plains. Elegantly decorated in an authentic African style, the modern rooms offer King-size beds and are fully equipped with en-suite bathrooms, central heating and a host of luxury amenities.

The rooms’ air vents also have mosquito nets placed over them. Among the 75 rooms, Seronera Wildlife Lodge offers twin rooms (with twin beds), double rooms (King–size bed), two Presidential suites, and one junior suite

Seronera is one of the most important spots of Serengeti National Park, where you can witness an actual kill in the flesh. This area is in the heart of the Serengeti, where all game drives, balloon safaris, and catching planes take place.

The lodge is located on the migratory route, and it provides front-seat viewing of this extraordinary natural phenomenon.

Seronera Wildlife Lodge is artfully constructed around a rocky outcrop from glass and wood elements, perfectly blending into its surrounding; next to the lodge, several waterholes attract, day and night, the most amazing animals, providing a unique opportunity for a close encounter with the Big Five.

Seronera Lodge is only 5 minutes from the departing point of the hot air balloon safaris, which offer a thrilling bird’s-eye wildlife perspective of the vast plains of the Serengeti. From its privileged location, the Seronera’s 75 rooms afford imposing views of over a million wildebeests as they migrate from Kenya to Lake Victoria to escape the drought.

Serengeti Bushtops Luxury Camp

A Tanzanian haven for serious safari seekers, Serengeti Bushtops is an oasis of 5-star luxury within one of the world’s most magical settings. Picture yourself gazing out over the stunning scenery of the Serengeti.

Imagine returning from safari and watching the sun set from the comfort of your tent’s private hot tub. Consider the thrill of watching the annual migration thunder across the mighty Mara River.

Or simply revel in the thought of being pampered by your butler and the camp’s friendly staff, before enjoying its fabulous cooking and fine wines in the comfort of its restaurant and shared spaces.

This combination of safari adventure, first class facilities and blissful relaxation has delivered Serengeti Bushtops’ unwavering promise of Wild Luxury ever since its inaugural in June 2010.

Bushtops tents are simply extraordinary each boasting a hundred and twenty square meters of luxurious living space, providing ample room to wander at leisure, sink into a deck lounger, soak in your private hot tub or gaze out at passing wildlife.

Spacious and beautifully furnished, each tent offers a true five stars’ luxury within a canvas canopy – but with space and views no hotel could hope to match. This is your personal realm, ideally suited to restful sleep, taking an open-air shower beneath the warm African sun, unwinding as you await drinks from your private butler, or perhaps purring under your masseuse’s strong fingers, after an exhilarating day on safari.

Solar power and a generator back up ensure constant electricity is on tap within your tent and across the camp. Due to its location, cell phone and Wi-Fi signals come and go, but you can always stay connected.

Many prefer not to – and it’s always advisable for all guests to keep their phones on silent, to keep the world at bay!

Inside each tent, beautiful interiors have been designed in a modern African style. As you sprawl across your large double or twin bed, you can scan distant horizons from a position of unalloyed comfort.

Every need is catered for; you can ring for your personal butler, at any time of the day or night, to arrange drinks, food, laundry, a hot tub, massage – or any creature comfort. With so much to write home about you may want to use the writing desk, or make use of your dining table by ordering a private meal on your deck.

And within a substantial en suite bathroom you will find pressurized hot and cold water feeding your indoor shower. Since one side of the shower room is canvas it can be opened to bring you and your shower closer to nature.

&Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas

This is the ultimate in luxury camping, complete with a private butler service, chandeliers, silverware, crystal, en-suite flush W.C and comfortable beds with fluffy duvets.

Experience a classic Tanzanian safari in spectacular solitude and soothing comfort – with only the canvas walls of your tent separating you from the wonder of the Serengeti.

Carefully positioned for close proximity to the wildlife herds of the Great Migration, the two &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas camps provide the ultimate viewpoint for this amazing animal spectacle.

With only nine tents nestled at each private campsite, enjoy the indulgence of complete comfort combined with the authenticity of nights spent in the African bush.

&Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas is a luxurious semi-permanent tented camp that moves around the Serengeti bringing guests within range of the massive herds of the Great Migration. Using only private campsites, these mobile camps are entirely intimate and exclusive, featuring just nine spacious safari tents at each of its two campsites.

The guest areas include a dedicated sitting and dining tent, which provides deep sofas from which to contemplate the vastness and peace of the surrounding landscape. Custom made Indian rugs and polished brass samovars add a touch of elegance and romance.

Relax under the dark velvet night sky and sample hearty cuisine served on sparkling crystal and silver that reflects the twinkling light of millions of shining stars. Cluster around a roaring campfire to share stories of the day’s magic and listen to the African night come alive.

Singita Mara River Tented Camp

Remote and un-spoilt, Singita Mara River Tented Camp meets the demands of an increasingly discerning traveler for an authentic and meaningful connection with nature that leaves behind a lighter footprint.

Close to the ground and off the grid, the concept and design of the camp encourages constant engagement with nature.

Located on a dramatic bend in the Mara River within the Lamai triangle in Tanzania, this solar powered camp provides unsurpassed viewing of the wildebeest river crossings during annual migration.

Located on a dramatic river-bend in the remote Lamai triangle in Tanzania, this permanent tented camp is a modern take on the classic East African safari.

Cool contemporary elegance sets the tone for the laidback luxury that underpins the experience in this intimate setting, with natural fabrics, canvas, stone and raw leather blending in with primary Masai colors and elegant art pieces by young African designers.

The camp’s remote and unspoilt setting in 98,000 acres of untouched wilderness in northern Tanzania includes access to some of the world’s most prized and private game-viewing opportunities, including breathtaking views of the renowned migratory route traversed annually by more than 1.7 million wildebeests and other animals.

The epitome of sustainable tourism, Singita Mara River Tented Camp consciously seeks to eliminate the unnecessary use of energy and non-biodegradable materials.

In keeping with this philosophy, it operates off the grid and relies entirely on a custom-designed solar system for its power and the use of recycled and natural materials wherever possible.

Functional design elements and airy spaces encourage guests to continuously connect with nature, allowing for complete relaxation and an authentic sense of peace and calm.

Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Located on the edge of the escarpment overlooking the plains of the south-western Serengeti National Park, a home of many thousands of wild and rare animals, Serengeti Sopa Lodge lies within an area of outstanding natural beauty – an oasis of cool relaxation from the equatorial sun.

The lodge allows its guests to experience magnificent sights and enjoy interaction with the land and animals difficult to find elsewhere, whilst at the same time enjoying the highest level of cuisine and hospitality.

The lodge boasts 73 rooms, of which 69 are standard rooms, all with 2 queen size beds, carpeted, and tastefully furnished with local fabrics and pictures. One entering the room is a lounge with a mini bar.

In the front is a verandah with 2 comfortable chairs and coffee table, with glass windows facing the vast Serengeti plains which extend as far as the naked eye can sight and 1 of these rooms are suitable for the physically handicapped.

The other 4 are very spacious double storey suites, with a lounge area on the ground floor where one can dine, and sit out on the balcony facing the Serengeti Plains.  Upstairs is the bedroom with a king size bed on a raised wooden platform, and on one side a bathtub facing the plains.

There is an outside open shower as well. The interior of the suites are painted with the same colors as the main building, terracotta, mustard and blue, which is incorporated in the fabrics. A verandah extends from the room facing the plains, ideal for relaxing and watching the spectacular Serengeti sunset.

Elewana Serengeti Migration Camp

Serengeti Migration Camp is the embodiment of the ‘camp’ experience. Located next to the famous Grumeti River which is home to resident hippos that bark and wallow their days away, Serengeti Migration Camp has become synonymous with low-impact high-action game viewing in a landscape that is untouched since the dawn of time.

Hidden among the rocky outcrops, Serengeti Migration Camp is located at the starting point of the Wildebeest Migration. Comprising of 20 luxurious elevated tents, each with spacious and richly furnished bedrooms, the camp blends seamlessly into the environment.

Each of the tents is surrounded by its own 360-degree verandah deck, which in turn creates your very own private sanctuary to enjoy the constant game sightings and the ever-present sounds of the bush.

The main ‘tent’ has a split-level lounge, a swimming pool, restaurant and viewing platforms that offer views across the river and the rugged landscape beyond. But it is the drama and proximity of the wild, which takes the experience of this camp to an altogether higher level.

Whether it is walking safaris with experienced and highly knowledgeable guides or the sensation of being as close to nature’s daily fight for survival, the sensory feast that accompanies any visit to Serengeti Migration Camp will no doubt rival anything experienced before.

Elewana Serengeti Pioneer Camp

Strategically nestled in South Central Serengeti – Tanzania – (within the Moru Kopjes area), Serengeti Pioneer Camp is ideally situated to offer superlative access to the picturesque annual migration and the ‘Big 5’ with sweeping views overlooking Moru Kopjes, Lake Magadi and the endless plains.

Each of Elewana Collection’s camps and lodges has its own individual style and feel. Serengeti Pioneer Camp continues this tradition.

Paying homage to the mobile camps of the 1930’s, a time when an African safari was truly a journey into the unknown, Serengeti Pioneer Camp’s  ‘zero footprint’ and close proximity to nature combines to make an unmistakably distinctive and truly individual offering.

Comprising of twelve-tented accommodations, all of which have en-suite facilities including a flushing toilet, vanity basin, and showers, the tent interiors are designed to evoke the very best of an era long-gone but certainly not forgotten.

A dining tent hosts the Camp’s guests for both breakfast and dinner, whilst luncheons are taken either in the camp or in the bush during what will no doubt be yet another enthralling day in the Serengeti.

Serengeti Pioneer Camp captures the original essence of the mobile African safari, engendering nostalgic wonderment whilst unlocking the adventurous spirit within all of us. The drama and beauty of the Serengeti National Park is indeed awe inspiring.

Serian’s Serengeti North Camp

Serian’s Serengeti North Camp is a seasonal mobile camp operating between July and November in the far north of Tanzania’s Serengeti, during the great migration of Wildebeests and other animals.

Set a short distance from the Mara River, Serian is a great camp to catch the dramatic wildebeest river crossings. Serian’s Serengeti North Camp is found on the northern bank of Mara River, in the hard to reach Lamai Wedge, in a hidden valley known as the Wogakuria.

This exclusive safari area offers exactly the location you would want from a mobile seasonal safari camp. You benefit from the epic game viewing of this most dramatic of seasons, and escape the frustrating crowds which can build up in other areas of the ecosystem.

This secluded and peaceful location is rich in year round resident wildlife, but is truly brought to life each year between June and November when the migration passes by in what is one of the world’s most dramatic and thrilling spectacles.

The Mara River swarms with voracious crocodiles trying to take a passing wildebeest as they plunge off steep banks into swirling muddy water. Up on the banks, among the riverine forest and waiting in the granite kopjes you will find prides of lions, elusive leopards and cheetah on the plains waiting for their moment.

The six spacious and stylish tents have big comfortable beds and en-suite bathrooms with flushing toilets and hot safari-style bucket showers. There is a small library and shady communal area to relax in during the hot part of the day.

The chefs will then amaze you with the outstanding quality of the food they produce from their camp oven, and at the end of a long and eventful day you will warm yourself by the fire, before heading to your comfy bed, lulled to sleep by the sounds of the African night. If you hit the season right, it is hard to think of a better migration experience than that offered by Serian.

Kananga Special Tented Camp

Kananga Special Tented Camp is a very comfortable and reasonably priced tented camp at Seronera, in the heart of the Serengeti National Park.

Hidden in an enclave, surrounded by spectacular views and abundant wildlife, this special tented camp sits at the foot of the Banagi hills, overlooking a beautiful savannah resplendent with the emblematic East African Thorn trees.

Accommodations at the camp include; classic tents and VIP Savannah Tent. Comprising of twin beds, dressed in the finest Indian cotton, warm duvet and Masai blankets, the classic tent is furnished with carpets, bedside tables and luggage racks.

Ambient LED reading lights are provided by the camp’s solar energy facility. An en suite toilet & open air shower, as well as your very own veranda, are standard, allowing you privileged views of the surrounding wildlife from the comfort of your own tent. Full Board Plan in the classic tents includes; breakfast, lunch, dinner, mineral water, tea and coffee.

The VIP Camp comprises of 4 VIP Savannah Tents (9m x 3m) with twin or double beds dressed in the finest traditional Indian cotton, warm duvet and Masai blanket, furnished with carpets, bedside tables and luggage racks.

En suite open air shower and toilet and your very own veranda are standard for each tent, in addition to ambient, LED reading lights provided by the camps solar energy facility.

Ideal for families or friends who wish to share their tent (max. 3 persons) or for those who decide to take their tented camp experience that bit further and enjoy the exclusive services of  the camp’s VIP chef and attendant waiters with an all- inclusive VIP meal and drinks package. Besides the larger tents, VIP Camp owns its dedicated Mess Tent. VIP Full Board Plan includes; breakfast, lunch, dinner, mineral water, tea, coffee, wine, beer and sodas.

Singita Sasakwa Lodge

Singita Sasakwa Lodge is built in the style of a stately Edwardian manor house with nine private cottages and a villa, each with a private infinity pool.

From the vantage point of Sasakwa Hill, panoramic views of the Serengeti plains merge with the horizon and provide a sense of immense space and freedom.

The spacious cottages offer expansive en-suite bathrooms, dressing areas, four-poster beds, fireplaces, living rooms and French doors opening onto welcoming verandas.

Polished parquet floors, vintage collectables, Persian carpets and comfortable furnishings all add to Sasakwa’s unmistakable elegance, while contemporary interpretations of classic dishes underpin the culinary offerings in the grand dining room.

A grand entrance, wraparound verandas, silver candelabras and coveted antiques merge seamlessly with local artifacts and tribal cushions to create a quintessential luxury safari experience.

Elegant lunches on the lawn, bespoke wine-paired dinners, leisure activities like tennis, bush walks and soothing spa treatments all add to the appeal.

Set alongside Singita Sasakwa Lodge is its new Hillside Suite – arriving at Hillside Suite feels like escaping to your own edge of the world, where infinite views over the Serengeti plains are par for the course.

Allowing guests to bask in the barefoot beauty of a private villa for two, it’s set away from the main lodge and invites authentic encounters with nature, while every wish is tended to intuitively. All features are aimed at the utmost exclusivity and intimacy.

From stylish interiors with splashes of African art and contemporary design to frameless glass doors and windows capturing 210-degree views of the magnificent scenery, it’s the ultimate in understated luxury.

Two extended wooden outdoor decks, a private rim-flow pool and a signature Singita ‘bar-deli’ filled with delicacies define the sheer comfort of stays at Hillside. The butler-serviced suite includes a private game vehicle and Field Guide.

Its free-flowing indoor and outdoor areas are ideal for exclusive dining in the most enchanting settings, and wellness experiences enveloped by nature – from yoga to in-room spa treatments and soothing couple’s massages on the pool deck.

Set within Singita’s 350,000-acre private reserve in northern Tanzania, Hillside Suite’s proximity to some of the most prized game-viewing on the continent – including the Great Migration – makes it the perfect location for an once-in-a-lifetime safari experience.

Sayari Camp

Sayari originally operated as a seasonal camp on the southern bank of the Mara River, migrating to the Moru Kopjes in the central Serengeti from December to March.

In 2009, the decision was made to build a permanent camp in the then under-explored plains of the Northern Serengeti, and Sayari as it is today was established.

The award-winning Sayari Camp is renowned for extraordinary wildlife sightings and supreme comfort. Set on the un-spoilt plains of the Northern Serengeti, Sayari gives you easy access to the Mara River and multiple river crossing points in the Serengeti National Park.

Sayari Camp offers some of the world’s finest game viewing – and it does so in a remarkable style. Relax in your extra-comfortable hillside suite after a day on safari, or take a dip in the glorious rim-flow swimming pool with dramatic views over the northern plains.

Intimate, contemporary and elegant, it is no surprise that this permanent camp is regularly voted one of the top safari escapes on the planet.

The remote and starkly beautiful landscape of the Northern Serengeti inspired the design of Sayari’s 15 tented suites. These are a subtle mirror of the iconic flat-topped volcanic Turner Hill to the north. Inside, the rich mahogany floors and delicate tones of sand, stone and acacia reflect the hues and textures of the natural terrain.

Each expansive suite has a king-sized bed (twin beds available) with fine linens and safari-chic decor to offset the wilderness just beyond the canvas walls.

The en-suite bathrooms with walk-in shower and egg-shaped bathtub overlook the Northern Serengeti plains, as do the beautiful private verandas outside.

Singita Faru Faru Lodge

Set within Singita’s 350,000-acre private reserve in northern Tanzania, Faru Faru embodies a fresh take on African bush appeal and ushers in a new era of luxury wilderness safaris.

Singita Faru Faru’s relaxed approach to luxury forms a golden thread throughout this easy-going lodge in the heart of the Serengeti.

Its contemporary African décor and design and close-up views of a busy waterhole alongside the Grumeti River invite continuous connections with nature, while vast outdoor decks, an interactive kitchen and multiple airy enclaves for dining and drinks add personality to every culinary moment.

The café-style bar at the heart of the lodge hums with a subtle sparkle that spills over to the pool area and fire-pit, making for magical evenings under starlit skies.

Inspiring a profound sense of well-being, undiluted natural light and breathtaking views over the river and savanna plains flow seamlessly into Faru Faru’s airy bedroom suites, where every creature comfort is catered for with intuitive ease.

A pale-on-pale colour palette is beautifully offset by the soothing hues of winter grasses and pink river clay, while wide, oversized windows open up to welcome the natural surrounds inside.

Serengeti Tortilis Camp

Christened after the distinctive Tortilis tree of the Serengeti, the tented camp combines comfort with the sense of wilderness, the sense of freedom, the sense of being ‘right there’, as you relax after the excitement of the day.

The property makes your safari-camp experience truly unforgettable. Set in the heart of nature, Tortilis camp is designed to look after you while you tune in to the very heartbeat of Africa; the sounds, the scents, the sights of Serengeti’s ‘endless plains’ could not be closer.

Dine, sleep, relax and know that the best of Africa’s natural wonders is knocking gently on your door – the great annual wildebeest migration.

At Serengeti Tortilis Camp, you are guaranteed with unfading memories. Whether you take an exhilarating balloon trip, high above the stunning plains, simply enjoy land-safaris to get you close to Africa’s best wildlife – or preferably do both – you will never forget the time you have spent here in the Serengeti.

And at the end of the day, with African sights, scents and sounds still all around you, you will finish your day with the perfect ambience of a Tortilis bush dinner. It’s difficult to define the perfect end to the perfect day, but this comes pretty close.

Taasa Lodge

Thoughtfully designed and tastefully decorated, the main lodge is finished with a combination of precious timbers and large picture windows. In the main lodge is the dining room where most breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served.

The main lounge, with its opulent settees and indoor fireplace, is located on a second level next to the lounge bar, with a selection of fine wines and spirits.

A large outdoor patio with fire pit and lounge chairs provides the perfect venue for aperitifs and hors d’oeuvres or simply for reading, relaxing and meeting other guests.

You will feel right at home between game drives in one of the property’s luxurious and spacious en-suite tents. Expertly appointed, each one seamlessly blends modern comforts with uniquely African accents.

Enjoy stunning views of the Lobo Valley from the serenity of your private verandah or curl up with a good book in your own cozy sitting area, beautifully furnished with a large sectional couch and desk.

A raised sleeping area features either a king or twin sized beds. En-suite bathrooms are complete with a stone shower, double vanity, and hair dryer, along with sumptuous robes and towels – a touch of indulgence in the bush.

Meals are offered inside the main lodge, outside ‘el fresco’ on the terrace, or on your private veranda outside your tent upon request. A large outdoor patio with fire pit and lounge chairs provides the perfect venue for aperitifs and hors d’oeuvres.

Or enjoy a cool cocktail while soaking in the property’s new infinity pool overlooking the Lobo Valley. Built seamlessly within the greenery that surrounds the main lodge terrace, the swimming pool is a spectacular addition to the property.

Mbali Mbali Soroi Serengeti

Mbali Mbali Soroi Serengeti is the newest property in all the collections of Mbali Mbali – the 5 stunning lodges. The property is set high on a natural plateau with endless views of the Musabi Plains in the Western Corridor of the iconic Serengeti National Park.

The architecture, design and modern decor of the thatched chalets built on the edge of the plateau make Mbali Mbali Soroi Serengeti unique, offering the visitor an unforgettable Serengeti safari experience.

The three-tier decked main area, with swimming pool, fire place, open plan restaurant and kitchen, is where classic meals are served with care and attention.

This eco-friendly lodge uses solar hot water geysers, inverters with batteries and organic room amenities, ensuring a low carbon footprint.

Serengeti Osupuko Camp

In the centre of Serengeti, the mobile luxury camp is scenically located on the slopes of Rongai Hills where sunrise is your daily wake-up call and beautiful sunset will always alert you to go to the camp fire or sundowner.

The camp is overlooking the Seronera Valley which is home to most of the cats found in Serengeti. Also there are plenty of other resident wild animals around the area and to mention a few are; giraffes, zebras, gazelles, warthogs, baboons, monkeys and many more. .

The transformation from the Acacia woodlands to the plain grassland gives a unique experience for early morning game drives when both predators and their prey are resuming back to their usual daylight habitats.

The camp is within the vicinity of Moru Kopjes where Rhinos are easily spotted. The camp is strategically located on one of the main migration corridors where unforgettable event of millions of wildebeest, hundred thousands of zebras and gazelles accompanied by a group of predators migrate annually.

From the camp you can go for game drives anywhere in the famous World Heritage Site of Serengeti National Park.

Giraffe Garden Hotel

Giraffe garden Hotel is located in Mugumu, the closest large town to the western side of Serengeti National Park. This town of approximately 10,000 people was formed as people moved out of the parks area.

Mugumu is only 45 minutes (40 kilometers) from the Serengeti Park Fort Ikoma Gate. Three hours (120 kilometers) to the west is Musoma, on Lake Victoria. Tanzania’s second largest city of Mwanza is approximately a 5 hours’ drive from Mugumu.

Sometimes even the fastest like Cheetah need to slow down. Giraffe Garden Hotel is built in a very good location to slow down the guests on their way from Masai Mara, Isebania, Mwanza, Kahama, Shinyanga to Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Arusha or vice versa.

The hotel comprises of 25 rooms each equipped with mosquito netted over king or twin beds, large bathroom with shower and a veranda from which to enjoy the views of a lush tropical gardens. Some of the rooms can be used as family suites, with connecting rooms.

Olakira Migration Camp

Immerse yourself in the Great Migration of wildebeests at Olakira Migration Camp. You will feel the earth vibrate during winter crossings of the brave wildebeest as they face the mighty rivers in the north, or be moved by the mass summer calving on the south’s grassy plains.

Olakira follows the massive herds of wildebeest to two spectacular locations in the north and south of the Serengeti National Park, as well as the Ndutu region.

Home from December to March, is in the NCA (Ngorongoro Conservation Area), game drives cover both the NCA itself and the southern Serengeti, allowing for frequent sightings of big cats, elephant, buffalo and the more elusive African wild dog.

As the dry days of winter arrive, Olakira relocates north to the confluence of the Mara and Bolongonja rivers for spectacular game viewing at the Mara River itself.

Whilst Olakira is known for its superb locations during the Migration, the camp has one more surprise that awaits you – its brand new stargazing tents.

Olakira’s tents have been perfectly designed so that a portion of the tent boasts a 270-degree view from beneath a meshed net, offering you an outdoor experience whilst still remaining indoors.

The stargazing tents allow you the flexibility to roll your bed into the meshed area for a magical experience of sleeping beneath the stars. With the galaxies glittering above you while you dream about the day’s adventures – it’s truly an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

Kimondo Migration Camp

Kimondo is a mesmerizing mobile safari camp that tracks the seasonal Great Wildebeest Migration from the dramatic Lamai Wedge and Mara River in winter to the lush southern Serengeti grasslands in the height of summer.

Handcrafted from wood and canvas in an exotic blend of traditional East African safari style with a subtle Moroccan influence, Kimondo Migration Camp has just nine elegant and airy tents, each with a king-sized cast-iron bed, en-suite bathroom and private veranda.

This mobile safari camp offers a truly intimate Big Five adventure in vintage East African style and comfort.

The nine traditional tents at Kimondo are an exercise in spacious and elegant safari style. Each tented suite is furnished with cast-iron king-sized beds (twins available) that rest under the canvas ceilings.

The private en-suite bathroom features safari bucket shower, hot and cold running water and flushing toilet. Private verandas are furnished with a comfortable chaise longue – the perfect place for a siesta during the long, lazy afternoons.

&Beyond Klein’s Camp

&Beyond Klein’s Camp offers some of the best panoramic views of Serengeti and Masai Mara National Parks – which host the great wildebeest migration, one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle.

Here, you can enjoy exceptional game viewing, thrilling night game drives, Maasai culture and old-fashioned safari luxury. &Beyond Klein’s Camp embodies the very soul of the Serengeti.

This private and remote camp offers guests the spirit of wild Africa – wooded hillsides, rolling grasslands and forested river banks, all teeming with the rich wildlife, of this natural sanctuary lie sprawled at your feet. Set in a landscape that is gentle yet rugged, the camp reflects the heart of this untamed land with a vintage safari style.

Perched on the edge of the Kuka Hills, &Beyond Klein’s Camp boasts magnificent views of an exclusive wilderness concession that borders the vast Serengeti plains. The stone interiors of the guest areas open up to breathtaking panoramas, with open fireplaces to keep the chill away.

Stone floors and deep leather armchairs invite you to while away the hours, with bound tomes and classic African memorabilia for company. Fine linen, silver and china sparkle in the candlelight in the open dining area.

Boasting one of the finest views in Africa, even the swimming pool at Klein’s Camp overlooks smoky views of distant hills. The camp also features a beautifully furnished bar and sitting area and a Safari Shop that features locally-made Maasai crafts.

Fresh vegetables picked from the camp’s shamba, or organic African garden, are used to create wholesome dishes. Dinners are served in the main dining area, which is graced by a large open fireplace.

The camp is ideal for family safaris, where guests can take advantage of the Klein’s family suite and little ones can learn about their surrounds with the camp’s fun-filled Wild Child program.