Luxury Gorilla Safari Tours in Rwanda


While out there and planning to go on a luxury gorilla safari! It is Rwanda in East Africa, that you can think of to go. Before, Rwanda was a mid and budget gorilla safari destination in East Africa. But, with the new developments in the country, it has attracted more new international high end chain hospitality companies.

Among the international hotel companies that have made Rwanda to become a new luxury gorilla destination include the Singita collection, One & Only Resorts and the Wilderness safaris collection. Each chain with at least two facilities in the Rwanda safaris parks.

The Singita collection has put up the Kwitonda Lodge and the Kataza House and this is an answer to the request of the tourists interested in tasting the luxury services of their facilities across East and Southern Africa. Singita to maintain the positive and best services to its clientele base has therefore opened up doors in Rwanda.

Therefore, staying at the Kwitonda Lodge the gorilla trekking safari in the Volcanoes National Park is so much ease as from this facility it is so much nearer to the trekking point of the Kwitonda gorilla family. The facility is well established at the foot slopes of the park and the setting of the lodge is so much eco-friendly and blend with the nature.

With the staying at the Kataza House suite is so calm for the family as here we make it whole suitable for the family to live in a free style stay at the nicer balcony of the suites overlooking the green covers of the park. With our daily and scheduled Rwanda safari itineraries we offer luxury Singita Gorilla Trek – 04 Day that begins from Kigali and ends in Kigali and from our knowledgeable travel experts we can tailor this program depending on your choice either by road driving or flying with the domestic airlines like the Akagera Aviation that offers scheduled or private routes to all the Rwanda parks.

Thereafter, if you have been in some of the southern Africa and looking for the same luxury lodges and exclusive camps for your luxury safari holiday in Rwanda. Book with us and we can suggest your gorilla wildlife safari to stay in the Bisate Lodge at the Volcanoes National Park and then Magash Camp in the Akagera National Park and here you will experience the various African wildlife species and this park being a wildlife corridor between Tanzania and Rwanda you may have more chances spotting unique wildlife and bird species.

Therefore, we have put a very suitable and an amazing Bisate Magash Safari – 05 Day itinerary combing both parks on your visit to Rwanda and this safari itinerary can be experienced by road transfer or flying with the Akagera Aviation Airlines.

Least but not last, if you want to visit Rwanda for the combined luxury gorilla chimp safari here, we offer the best luxury services from the One & Only Resorts – 05 Day itinerary. This is super luxury holiday that begins from Kigali to Volcanoes and staying at the One & Only Gorilla’s Nest Lodge that is offering spacious suites and cottages that are cool and overlooking the forest and undulating landscapes.

While in one of your rooms after or before your gorilla trek experience, the environs is ambience to those interested in an exotic and sophisticated luxury life.

After being filled with the luxury services and gorilla trek experience continue to the Nyungwe Forest National Park and here you are deeply immersed into the luxury facility “One & Only Nyungwe House” that is situated in the green environment and it is eco-friendly and blend with nature.

While on these 03 luxury Rwanda safari itineraries provided by each facility chain include the gorillas, wildlife and chimpanzees and to prove that Rwanda is a luxury destination the gorilla permit cost $ 1,500 USD compared to the nearby regions like Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo where gorilla permits cost $ 700 USD to $ 450 USD respectively.

More so, Rwanda as it is ready to receive the super luxury travelers the Rwanda Development Board has set up the very interesting gorilla trekking packages like the personalized & exclusive mountain gorilla visits for a requested targeted gorilla family costing $ 15,000 USD, behind the scenes for a minimum of 3 visitors for 3 consecutive days costing $30,000 USD.

In conclusion we also in position to offer you the special discounted gorilla safaris with the rates as you can see with the 30% discount (US$ 1,050) for combined trips within National Parks in Rwanda (gorilla trekking, Akagera and/or Nyungwe National Park) for at least 3 days during the months of November – May and then the 15% discount (US$ 1,275) on conference delegates who stay pre & post MICE events to see gorillas.


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